Saturday, January 23, 2010

Claire and Jared's Wedding

My neice Claire met Jared while the two of them were at Biola University. They were quick to hit it off and fell in love. Engaged some 7 months ago, the two finally tied the knot on a beautiful ... then raining afternoon a week ago.

I was honored to be allowed in on the photography of her wedding which was very ably being led by Shannon Leith. Shannon was gracious enough to let me tag along and watch her work while shooting anything and everything I wanted. What a privilege ... thank you again, Shannon.

Since Shannon was choreographing the main shots, I had the freedom to lurk around the edges, looking for that different angle, an uncommon creation that probably wouldn't be any photographer's "first choice" in shooting a wedding.

It was a lot of fun, and I thoroughly enjoyed having the opportunity to be creative, not worried about getting "the shot" but working to find a shot from the fringe.

I hope you enjoy what follows...and thank you again Shannon for letting me in on your work.

The first look ... sweet!

While Shannon was getting the bridal party shots, I took off into the high grass and got a couple of interesting creations. Again, probably not the "first choice" but as the third shooter, I saw my opportunity and took it!

Ok, I know a lot of folks raise their eyebrows when they snag a peek at my "blurry shots" but, hey!, I kind of like them! They give off a little bit of a water-color effect. Here's Claire and Jared at the end of the night, enjoying their last dance...

And yes, it rained...


Anonymous said...

Thank you Bradley, they are wonderful! ~Beth

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting me "be" there
through the photos. I loved every
one of them. - Brena