Monday, August 3, 2009

Sara: Senior Portraits

It's the smile. Without doubt, it's the smile. It's noticable right away. It lights up a room. It exudes confidence. Not the cocky, "I know it all" kind of confidence, but the self-assured, "I know where I'm headed" kind of confidence. The good kind, in case you were wondering.

Sara's been headed somewhere on purpose for some time. I've enjoyed the opportunity of getting to know her over the last year and I've been impressed by her style, her substance, her smile. That smile says it all.

She's a scholar in the classroom and the starting goalie on her school and club soccer teams. Heading into the final year of high school, Sara's motivated to capture a full ride scholarship to, well, just about anywhere that will offer. UCR might be in the lead as of today ... but that could change. With her mad skills on the field and in the classroom, she'll have plenty to pick from.

We met up last week in Riverside for her senior portraits and I knew right away that Sara knew exactly what she wanted to convey in her images. She didn't just want pictures. She wanted to push through the lens that signature Sara Style that even when captured in a split second on film, movement would be seen, even felt. For that's how she lives. On the move.

We had a blast shooting, her style and confidence making my job all the easier, and I think you'll see that coming through these images.

Just look for the smile.

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