Monday, September 7, 2009

Neil and Amy

I got to know Neil way back in the early 90's. He was a bright, talented teenager, full of direction and purpose and a positive attitude that screamed, "I can." Amy was a year older, and in that she wasn't on the cross country team that I coached, I missed the opportunity to get to know her during those years.

Neil and Amy graduated in the mid-90's and our lives all went in different directions, sort of. Amy graduated from UCR, Neil from UCI, and I moved from teaching at Ayala in Chino Hills to King in Riverside. Their high school romance continued to blossom and they ended up getting married just after graduating from college.

Time has been good to Amy and Neil. High school sweethearts, they've recently celebrated 10 years of marriage and are parents to Raymond and Clark, two of the cutest little boys you could lay your eyes on.

During our photo shoot, we got to catch up on the last 15 years, marveling at how time flies. Neil is a successful business man in Corona, Amy left teaching to raise her boys but has recently started up her own event and wedding planning business. Given her amazing organizational skills and professionalism, the firm is aptly named, Every Little Detail. Check her out online and on Facebook!

Through 90 minutes of shooting a host of images of their adorable family, I enjoyed chatting, throwing "high fives" to Clark and Raymond -- both of whom were troopers for almost the entire shoot -- and having fun capturing the Nehmens before another fifteen years passes us all by.

Thanks Amy and Neil ... not only was it great capturing the beauty of your family in images, it was even more fun catching up on what is the beauty of your lives. Keep on!

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