Sunday, March 21, 2010

King High Remembers - 10th Anniversary

Ten years ago, John Corona, a teacher at Martin Luther King High in Riverside, started an oral history project with veterans of WW2 and Korea. 28 men came to school to talk with his 11th grade US History students.

A great idea was born.

Ten years later the program has expanded to encompass the entire junior class at the school and over 220 vets from WW2, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf. It's an amazing event that draws the media, dignitaries from the District and County and VIP's from far and wide. John Corona has been honored at both the State and National level for the program.

I'm honored to work with John in a very small way on the project and to be able to record the event through photography.

Check out the website,

Click here for a slide show of more images put to music

The father of John Corona. He helped to liberate the Philippines in WW2

Pearl Harbor Survivors! Very cool!

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Anonymous said...

what a neat event!!!...and great photos. :) - Bre