Thursday, April 1, 2010

Derek and the Fam

I've had the pleasure of knowing Derek for four years now. He's a class act in every way! The guy is graduating this year, one of the top students in his class of some 700 ... and he's awaiting admittance into Stanford, San Luis Obisbo, etc ... you get the idea.

He's also an amazing athlete and has been a key figure of his cross country and track teams while at King High in Riverside. He understands hard work, team work, fair play and grit. The world needs more men like Derek!

The whole family came along for the shoot, so we snagged a few of the very photogenic and lovely about an easy shoot!


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Rachael Harms said...

I love how consistently great your photos are! The quality, lighting, poses. Each time I see another shoot, I'm impressed again.