Sunday, June 20, 2010

North Carolina

This past week I had the pleasure of accompanying one of my athletes to Greensboro, North Carolina as he was competing in the National Championships of high school track and field. While there, we had a few extra hours to check out the surrounding North Carolina country side and universities. Here are a few pictures I took while there.

Duke University totally took me by surprise! I was not ready for it's gothic architecure and almost medieval look! Pretty in it's own way, the centerpiece of the campus was a large cathedral (the school was originally a Methodist institution) that looked like it was pulled from the 15th Century in France, yet I discovered was built between 1930 and '32! Here is one of the adjacent walkways

Greensboro's quaint, historic street. Fittingly named "Elm Street", it evoked a Normal Rockwell view of Americana!

The Duke University football stadium, it hosted the 1942 Rose Bowl as the US Government banned all large public events on the West Coast in fear of a Japanese attack. Since Duke was scheduled to play in the game, Duke University offered their stadium. Duke won!

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