Monday, August 16, 2010

Martha and Lonnie ... Married!

For a July afternoon in Southern California, you could not have asked for a better day. It was warm, but not hot. The vineyards of the Temecula Wine Country were green and ready to burst with fruit. Clouds ambled across the sky adding contrast to the deep blue. Friends and family drifted in, smiling with anticipation. The day was bathed in hope and joy, good wine and laughter. Lonnie and Martha got married.

Roses adorned the gazebo helping to cast a cool shade across the platform on which Martha and Lonnie gave their vows to love and to cherish. Permanence echoed in the sounds. In front of a small crowd of friends and family, the two basked in the warmth of the sunshine as well as their own friendship ... the bond with which they will make a life together.

I could not describe the reception in any other way than real. Their friends and family enjoyed each other's company and conversation. They enjoyed watching the bride and groom enjoy each other and the moment of their lives together. They enjoyed the food and dancing. They smiled with a genuine appreciation for what was taking place that day. They toasted Lonnie and Martha with real words, not fakery and flattery. Genuine love and sentiment wafted off of words that at times tottered out from vocal chords choked with emotion. It was real. Love.

Thank you Martha and Lonnie for the distinct privilege of capturing your day in photography.

Martha made her own bouquet!

Lonnie, Martha and Martha's daughter, Sarah, poured sand into a vase, symbolizing the union of their lives. Very sweet moment.

The beautiful Temecula Valley Wine Country!

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