Thursday, December 30, 2010

Dallas, Ft.Worth and Dad

I suppose that my first facscination with photography came by way of my dad. He always had an eye for the art of the craft and while we lived overseas during my childhood, Dad was able to produce some amazing Kodachrome slides of my sisters and me in places like the Taj Mahal, Calcutta India and Khatmandu, Nepal.

His images impressed me then, and they still do today. Now in retirement, his camera is working again and he's still able to knock out some great images!

On a recent visit to the Dallas-Ft.Worth area where my dad lives, it was a lot of fun to take a few hours on two separate days to go shooting with him. We walked for miles all over downtown Dallas on a cold, overcast day, and then a few days later we hit up Ft. Worth.

It was fun to wander slowly, enjoy the architecture, style and history of two old (but new) cities, and let the eye wander to lines, doors, colors and other shapes that could make a cool image.

Following are a few of my favorites.

Near City Hall in Dallas is an old cemetary, many of the burial dates are in the 1800's. It's surrounded by city buildings, falling apart and a bit out of place, but made for some cool images!

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Chris Rodriguez said...

These are truly breath-taking!