Saturday, March 21, 2009

King High Remembers, Part 1

9 years ago, King High School, under the inspiration and leadership of John Corona, started a phenomenal oral history project for the junior class on campus. It's known as "King High Remembers." It invites vets of WW2, Korea, Vietnam and the Persian Gulf War to be interviewed by a handful of students for 90 minutes. This year we had about 200 vets and about 700 students.

The event is truly something to behold. Vets of "The Greatest Generation", some of them with walkers and needing assistance, come regaled in their uniforms and adorned with service medals. There are Purple Hearts and a Medal of Valor recipient. Pearl Harbor Survivors are sprinkled in with Vietnam survivors. A few "young" faces, with memories of burning oil wells and an outmatched Iraqi Republican Gaurd in the first Persion Gulf War make it an eclectic mix.

But they all have one thing in common. Uncommon valor. Uncommon Courage.

It's an honor to be in their midst for the morning.

This year's event was another great edition of the acclaimed program. John Corona has garnered numerous state-wide and national awards for King High Remembers and deserves all the credit for making it what it is.

Me? I get to take pictures of the event.

Here's a first batch, with more to come later. From the band playing as the vets walk in, to the greeting.

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