Sunday, April 19, 2009

Creating Art out of Photos

I just now officially finished processing the photos I took of Kyle and Haley. It was a fun, if not time consuming task.

One of the things I'd like to make a mark of my budding business is using not just the camera and lens to create great images for my clients, but to add a flair of creativity and artistry in the processing of those images, helping them come to life as artistic representations of that moment, not just photos.

Here are a couple examples of some of the work I did with the images I took of Kyle and Haley, and what can be done with you, should you like the work I do!

From the camera:

Artistically and creatively redesigned:

Image, out of the camera

After, version one:

Or this version, next image half-second after the first one was taken.

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Anonymous said...

Without question Brad Peters has a tremendous talent behind the lens. He doesn’t simply take pictures, he captures indelible moments to be cherished forever.

He understands the importance of the images conveyed on film, and his work exemplifies an artistic style which cannot be replicated. There was a particular shot that I had in my mind’s eye; he not only captured that exact moment, but continued to capture “lightning in a bottle” repeatedly throughout the afternoon. Nothing dissuaded him from attaining the shot he wanted, often laying on the ground, pants and shoes covered by the approaching surf, his efforts are best exemplified by his astonishing body of work. Each image seemed better than the one before. His images were beyond my expectations, and the cost was mere pittance when compared to the watershed moments he captured. Instead of merely having photos of my children, I now have artistic moments which will endure forever. Perhaps most noteworthy is the incredible amount of time that he spends both during and after the photo shoot. In addition to snapping in excess of 600 images, he spent countless hours editing, enhancing, and stylizing to satisfy his own discerning eye. Without reservation, I can say this was simply the best investment I have ever made to preserve images of my children.