Thursday, April 2, 2009

Taylor Scott Missed Team Photo Day!

It's a seasonal ritual in which studio photographers battle immature teenagers who think a "funny face" would actually improve the final product. Coaches yell and threaten, and if we're lucky, the winning shot is snapped while the yahoo in the back row is figuring out what his next face will look like. Well, Taylor missed the big day and it's followup individual photos in which the athlete smiles and says "cheese" for one image of little artistic merit and lots of American money.

Maybe missing the team photo day was a blessing in disguise, because come on, we can do better than that! So Taylor asked if I could take some quick shots before this week's track meet when she would be in uniform. Obviously, our possibilities and time was limited, but I said Yes and despite a rushed session and few options for settings, she pulled off some good images. Helps when you have a photogenic subject ... Taylor Rocks!

PS: On the third image I took some Photoshop license with the effects and color!

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thebestbuysdirect said...

Great Job Coach. Yes my niece makes a great subject.