Saturday, June 20, 2009

Chris and the Family

Chris Villanueva's life is about to take off. Literally. He leaves to enroll in the United States Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs on Wednesday. He'll graduate in four years as an engineer and with a pilot's license. All on the government's tab.

Well, kindof. You see, I've had the opportunity to see Chris in action over the last four years, as he has both run on the cross country and track teams I've coached, and he kicked butt in my AP US History course during his junior year. The guy is talented, motivated, hard working and has his sights set on the sky. The Air Force Academy will be a perfect fit for him. So though Uncle Sam may pay the bills over the next four years, it was Chris's diligence over the previous four years that got him this golden opportunity!

He's also very photogenic and loves photography as I do, so it was fun to shoot him and his family before their life takes a big turn on Wednesday. He just graduated from King High with a GPA in excess of 4.0, having competed in three sports (soccer was the third) and excelled at every turn.

I enjoyed spending 90 minutes with the Villanueva clan -- and Katie, Chris's girlfriend too --in the days before Chris's departure; just as I enjoyed spending time coaching and teaching Chris during his successful four years in high school. Thanks guys!

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cassandra m said... that first shot. cool. great location choices too. I like the family shot in front of the painted wall. great job Brad!