Friday, October 2, 2009

Kelsi, A Successful Senior

The three years that I've known Kelsi have been marked by one word: Success. She has made the most of her high school years. She has excelled both in and out of the classroom. One of the top students in her graduating class, she carries a GPA in excess of 4.0 and has flavored her course list with a heavy dose of AP and honors courses.

Athletically, there have been few girls at her school that have amassed a more impressive resume. Recruited by some 25 colleges and universities for her exceptional talent in distance running, she was chosen as her high school's Athlete of the Year at the close of her junior year. Quite an honor. Her letter-jacket is held together by the championship patches that cover it's navy-colored shell.

She has done all that while being involved in her church, a good friend to those around her and respected by both peers and staff for not just amassing a lengthy list of accomplishments, but more for doing so with grace, dignity and humility.

If there ever was someone who took full advantage of their years in high school, it's Kelsi. It was an absolute privilege to shoot her senior portraits.

I hope you enjoy!

One of Kelsi's trademarks is her attention to fashion detail. Even on the hardest workouts she does during the season, she's aware of her fashion sense, and perish the thought her workout gear doesn't match! So it was no surprise to me when after a garment change during the shoot she broke out the killer earrings. Classic Kelsi, and of course I couldn't miss that shot!

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