Friday, October 16, 2009

Rebecca's Senior Portraits

I got to know Rebecca during her junior year of high school. A bright and intellectually curious student, she signed up for AP US History and even through some of those nineteenth century decades that read like an instructional manual, I could always count on her inquisitive style and facial expressions that said, "I want to learn."

She was really impressive right from the start, and I never got tired of having Rebecca come to class, ready to light up the room with her curiosity, great questions and passion for life.

So naturally it was a great delight to get a request from her to shoot her senior portraits. Given her academic flair (and love of big trees!) the stately grounds of the University of Redlands was a great place to shoot them.

Here are a few of my favorites....

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Tech Teacher said...

Brad, what an amazing photographer you are! We are grateful for your thoughtfulness and the time you took with Becca. You have truly captured the essence of who she is.

Susan and Steve Davis