Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Danielle: Senior Portraits

Back in the 1980's, Nike teamed up with Michael Jordan and gave the culture a new slogan "It's gotta be the shoes." As I remember the TV ads, they had images of Michael Jordan seemingly floating on air, doing things with a basketball and hoop that no one else could even dream of attempting. Unless, of course, they were wearing Nikes. It's gotta be the shoes.

Danielle has taken that idea a bit to her own heart, though you won't find a closet full of Air Jordans. Instead it's a kaleidoscope of colorful Vans. They're stacked in there. A different color for every possible occasion.

Danielle's life seems to run like an array of Vans. It's clean and simple, yet colorful. Like the bright red soles on the pair she wore to our shoot at the University of Redlands, she's got passion that drives her in school and competition. I'm sure the blue ones go well on those contemplative days where a look, and only a look, says it all. Yellow for those cheery days when her smile lights up a room and green for days of frolic and fun.

She enters her senior year at King High having amassed a successful three years thus far, and when teamed with what should be a fantastic senior year will have her leaving King in 2010 much like Michael Jordan left the hardwood on his way to the board. Flying!
Danielle, you were a true star in our 2 hours of shooting ... despite temperatures in the upper 90's, you never broke a sweat and just kept on smiling that million dollar smile of yours. Thank you for the privilege and honor of capturing your senior photos!

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