Friday, July 3, 2009

A Quick Letterman/woman Shoot

With a T-Time in Indio California at 3:00 pm and my teaching day ending at 1:30, we were under the gun. Only 30 minutes. No luxury of choosing a cool location. No shot at the "magic hour" of sunlight (before sunset). What we had would have to do.

What we had was bright, glaring mid-day sun, a high school campus that's architecturally unappealing and a very brief 30 minutes. My first snap of the shutter got the clock moving.

Good thing the Scotts and Tippets are so dang photogenic. They more than made up for the less than perfect surroundings.

The goal was to get the Scott and Tippet grandkids together all wearing their King High letter-jackets as a gift to their grandparents. Cousins all, three are now in or out of college. The other three are almost done at King. TK is getting married next week in Minnesota. Life for this group is as fast paced as our photo shoot was. But it's all good.

As you can tell by their letter jackets, this group is uber-talented too. The jackets are adorned with the little billboards of Cross Country, Track, Soccer, Swimming, Tennis, Basketball and Baseball. There's a State Championship in there for no extra charge. Their GPA's are or were stratospheric and ASB Student Council has been blessed by their talent. They are about as all American as you can get. Austyn is at BYU, Travis is at Cal State San Marcos, TK has already graduated from Cal Baptist University in Riverside. Whew! I'm exhausted just writing it all down!

The last shot was a buzzer-beater. TK and Travis walked off to their car at 1:58 and headed to Indio. Mission accomplished!

Here are a handful of my faves. Leave a comment if you wish!

Both moms (who are sisters) are Hawaiian, so all of the kids have Hawaiian middle names and have proudly displayed their heritage on the backs of their jackets. Just don't ask me how to pronounce them!

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