Tuesday, July 28, 2009

TK and Bethany's Wedding Reception

I had the privilege and honor of shooting TK and Bethany Scott's "second" wedding reception. The wedding was a couple of weeks ago in Minnesota, the place where Bethany grew up. After a honeymoon in Hawaii, the two were celebrated a second time by their family and West Coast friends. Held at the home of Ken and Thalia Scott, the family and extended family threw out all the stops to host a wonderful affair that doubled as a Hawaiian Luau (the family is half-Hawaiian) and wedding reception. Thrown in for no extra charge was a bit of a birthday party for TK who was 24 that day.

The 200 guests came in traditional Hawaiian clothing, adding a colorful festiveness to the already fun and joyous occassion. TK and Bethany were like seasoned wedding reception veterans and seemed to enjoy the relaxed, tropical-like casualness of the event; laughing and mingling with the host of friends and families that came to celebrate their marriage.

Capturing the event on film was a lot of fun and as the evening seemlessly flowed from traditional wedding ceremony events to Hawaiian and Polynesian dancing, it seemed as if I was shooting two very different gatherings at the same time. Fun!

The Polynesian dancers were made up of the Tippets sisters (cousins of the groom), Taylor Scott (TK's sister), Wendee Tippets (aunt of the groom) and TK himself along with his brother Travis. The groomsmen even joined in on one dance, and given they had all of two hours to become Hawaiian and learn the routine, they performed it flawlessly! The dancing was capped off by a hired professional that wowed the crowd with fire!

The Scotts put together a true "Island" feel to the reception, despite the Riverside locale!

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